WTH to take part in the GALA 2011 Film Fest


We were very happy to hear that GALA (The Globalization and Localization Association) had started a brand new video initiative for its members, called GALA Film Fest.

For this year’s GALA 2011 conference in Lisbon the Association has collected a variety of video clips to celebrate its members and the industry in video montages. The videos will be played during the upcoming GALA 2011 conference in Lisbon, 28-30 March.

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Check out the GALA blog entry announcing the Film Fest:

We are very pleased to inform that we have prepared a short company video. Here are the guidelines, according to the GALA description:
Video clip (30 seconds maximum) showing a refreshingly different view of your company. Make it fun and creative! Show off your business, your employees’ talents or your company mascot.  Make us smile and laugh! The top submissions will be broadcast prior to the general session in Lisbon, and conference delegates will vote on their favorite.

First, we asked the mirror – what is our different view? A different view of the all-women company? The mirror is the answer. We have decided to use it as a company mascot.

Our short video has already been submitted. The official premiere of our video will take place during GALA 2011 conference in Lisbon, 28-30 March. We hope that conference delegates will have a lot of fun watching it!
Soon after the conference we will present the video on our website. So stay tuned!

If you would like to see some preview, check out the gallery.

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