WTH at the Localization World 2011


Enjoy our comprehensive photo-report the from Localization World 2011 in Barcelona

and find out more about the event!

This year’s annual European edition of the Localization World conference took place in Barcelona on June 14-16, 2011. According to the organizers, the event attracted the highest number of participants ever. Is it the spirit of Barcelona that works wonders?

The Opening Reception – chatting with old friends and meeting some new ones. Check out how joyful and enthusiastically the conference started.

The program included many highly interesting and valuable presentations. We have managed to see some of them. Enjoy some pictures.

And here are our thoughts about some presentations.

“Blurring the Boundaries Between Localization and User Experience” was presented by Oleksandr Pysaryuk (@alexpysaryuk, Research In Motion Limited) who shared the RIM’s vision of meeting customer expectations by completely integrating localization into the product development process. The vision also includes extending the role of Language Service Providers to Service Providers supplying also research on user experience, usability as well as acceptance testing or local UI design.

Of course, we have also enjoyed a very insightful “Selling in America” presentation by Renato Beninatto (@renatobeninatto, Selling-in-America, Inc.), which included some unusual measures to help us understand the American market – the politically incorrect axioms about Americans. Enjoy the exclusive set of photos of our all favorite and very charismatic presenter.

Parallel to the conference tracks, networking took place in the exhibit area.

Traditionally, ELIA (European Language Industry Association, @EliaOrg) organized its very own Social Hour at LocWorld. ELIA members provided wines and food characteristic of their region (as no good wine is produced in Poland, we have contributed by bringing  some chocolate sweets). As you will notice on the photos, the event is already very popular with conference attendees.

The evening networking social event was even supported by the forces of nature with the lunar eclipse happening in the cloudless sky – the first of two such eclipses in 2011. The second one will occur on December 10, 2011 – don’t miss it!
Check out some networking photos including the Common Sense Advisory team (@CSA_Research) enjoying the evening.

At this year’s conference the first ever individual fundraising for Translators Without Borders (@TranslatorsWB) took place. Check out the great post by Kathleen Bostick on Conversis blog (@KathleenBostick) who has put a great effort in leading the fundraiser for individual donations with superb results.

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