Listening to the #GALAconf tweets

Since we haven’t joined the translation and localization industry at the yearly GALA (The Globalization and Localization Association) conference – held in Monaco this year – we have been listening to the tweets from the event – just following the @amclind’s advice:


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Listening to the tweets is a remarkable experience and as more and more people join the Twitter community there is more content available. Here is our subjective summary of tweets from #GALAconf on different topics.

  • On machine translation: This year for the first time GALA hosted a machine translation panel. Assessing by the number of tweets, it must have been a very popular topic.

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  • On the MT and being realistic:

  • On the translator’s work in the context of the MT:

  • On the MT and CAT tools:
  • On the MT and perfection.

  • On the traditional Translation, Editing, Proofreading process.

  • On quality and sales:
  • On the quality assesment and measurement:

  • On being agile in the context of the translation and localization industry:

  • On the future of the industry:

  • On the recession:

  • On the social media use – a very good advice:

  • On redefining the LSP acronym:

  • And last but not least, here is the best sales strategy ever :)

A huge thank you to the translation and localization Tweeter community for all the effort! – in particular: @MattKeyzer, @BobD_Austin, @robertetches, @KareLindahl, @InEveryLanguage, @xmaza, @diegobartolome, @elocalize, @STPNordic, @carolinakuhnema, @amclind, @maxwellhoffmann, @CiscoL10N, @ArleLommel, @localizing, @SOPriebe, @cetrainc, @BeatBabel, @rubendelafuente, @andrzejnedoma, @MarcelaJenney, @stevegotz, @BmoreSara, @fabcid, @imtt_l10n, @abredenkamp, @jessicarlondon, @GALA_Global, @thinklatam, @T21Century, @_Translation_, @baatwitt, @stefangentz, @mk_synergium, @Rays_Tweets, @KimberleyAnneH, @DoreenSayegh.

Some photos from the conference have already been published on this Flickr group.
Now, we are very much looking forward to the video recordings from the conference.

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