After the LocWorld 2012: Why was it worth attending?

On June 4-6th, 2012 Wratislavia Translation House ambassadors participated in the Localization World 2012 conference in Paris.

Check out why the conference was worth attending.

The Opening Reception

The conference began for us with the Opening Reception – the entertaining and networking evening spent with other conference participants at Favela Chic. That evening has started with Mojito and ended with energetic… drink? No, dancing!

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Next day in the morning we were ready for the conference opening. It was official – the magic of Paris worked:

The Keynote

The Keynote on Digital Economy and Property Rights by Genséric Cantournet (Telecom Italia Group) focused on highlighting the differences between the real world and the digital one. The Keynote was followed by a traditional first question of the conference asked by Renato Beninatto (@renatobeninatto). Here are some highlights:

Who Gets Paid for Translation in 2020?

We were not surprised that the session Who Gets Paid for Translation in 2020?, moderated by Jaap van der Meer (TAUS), attracted such a big audience. Everybody in the industry must be seeking for the answer to that question. Jaap van der Meer started with an optimistic message:

Then, the discussion started and evolved around the following suggestions: Who gets paid for translation in 2020? 1) A dozen MT Developers, 2) Thousands of Integrators, 3) LSP’s as always, 4) Translators.

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During that session a very interesting definition of translation quality was provided:

And here is a very interesting remark about the billing model used in our industry:

Experiences in Managing the IBM Brand Quality

The next session – Experiences in Managing the IBM Brand Quality in Today’s New Era of Social Translation Services – by Christophe Chenon (IBM), Jacques Levy (IBM) and Frank Rojas (IBM) highlighted different types of translation service models that IBM is building within the organization – Translation Asset Optimization, Translation Automation, Social Translation – where a different kind of content fits into different translation services. According to Frank Rojas the translation components of the new era will be human-machine balancing. The MT-Optimization will be the next step after the MT-Integration for IBM. Speaking of the quality in MT, domain-based terminology and final quality assessment were mentioned.

The ELIA Social Hour

In the late afternoon we’ve contributed to the ELIA Social Hour – the event aimed at re-creating the fun and relaxed atmosphere specific to ELIA Networking Days. Check out some of our pictures and visit ELIA Group Page on FB for more.

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The Dinner Cruise

The absolute highlight of the evening was the Dinner Cruise, sponsored by Moravia Worldwide, on an immense floating palace Le Paquebot, the largest ship on the Seine.

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Presentations by SAP

On the second day two interesting presentations by SAP drew our attention. Our agency, as an experienced SAP Language Service Partner, is always interested in gaining additional insight into the SAP translation processes and the underlying philosophy. Our thoughts on the sessions:

  • Morphing into Mobile Multilinguality presented by Christian Lieske (SAP) and Markus Meisl (SAP)
  • Pull Marketing: The Disrupting New Force in Localization by Devyani Bhattacharjee (SAP) and Catherine Mbeng (SAP)

will be published in our next blog post from Localization World 2012.

The Prize Drawing

The Conference Closing is always accompanied by a lot of excitement aroused by the Prize Drawing. Among the lucky winners we spotted Renato Beninatto (@renatobeninatto), Moravia and Clio Schils (@lifesciencemuse), Lionbridge Life Sciences.

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The Conclusion

This year’s European edition of the Localization World provided us with:

  • Many opportunities for networking and establishing new contacts in the industry – this was probably the largest LocWorld conference we have attended so far
  • Possibilities for discussing the industry-related topics that are important for us
  • Tailored industry-related knowledge and insights
  • Interesting visions and forecasts regarding the future of our industry

The Localization World is gathering momentum and the organizers have already announced the first Asian edition of the LocWorld planned for the spring next year. The conference is growing and the content provided is more and more diversified. The support provided by the organizers for the Translators Without Borders – the organization providing pro bono translation services to support humanitarian actions around the world – is also worth mentioning. During the conference everyone was welcomed to participate in the lottery for this noble cause.

We hope that all the participants enjoyed the conference in Paris as much as we did.

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For more pictures visit our FB page.

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We hope to see you next year!
Agnieszka & Marta

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