ELIA ND Budapest in a single word

On October 4-6 we had a pleasure of participating in another ELIA Networking Days conference – this time organized in Budapest. During the conference, we have explored not only the networking possibilities but also THE SINGLE WORD related to all the ELIA events. Find out what the Networking Days are all about.

Find out what the Networking Days are all about.


Enthusiasm in sharing

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Françoise Bajon /@fbajon/, Madame la Presidente, welcomes the ND attendees

ELIA means the community: members, attendees, volunteers, representatives. It’s a community connecting people focused on the openness and the willingness of sharing. At ELIA events we share our experiences to learn from each other. But it would not be the same without the huge amount of the positive energy residing in all these interpersonal connections.


Manuele Vecchi /@manuelevecchi/, ELIA director and volunteer, spotted in a lobby

You experience this positive energy every single minute. Be it the sessions or networking in between. Lunch or dinner. Associated with an enthusiastic approach towards other attendees it helps making new connections and triggering new discussions. While it is all happening, everyone is being involved in the community and starts participating and contributing actively without even noticing.

Neil /@neil_kwint/ and Levent /@yildizgoren/ after Levent’s presentation: 7 Mistakes to Avoid to Gain Customer Satisfaction


Enthusiasm in supporting

The ELIA community is characterized not only by the openness but also helpfulness. It’s the community to build on for achieving business goals and for supporting good causes. This time we have managed all together to raise money for the Fund-a-Translator Program initiated by the US based charity, Translators Without Borders. The challenge “From Katowice to Budapest on bikes” taken by Marek & Lucjan of TextPartner together with Michal of Lexika, triggered the donations and made it possible to achieve the goal of sponsoring two Kenyan trainee translators for one year. To find out more visit http://onourbikes.info/

Marek /@textpartner/, ELIA volunteer and member of the cycling team supporting Translators Without Borders


Enthusiasm in connecting

The Networking Days are also about making new business connections and bringing people from the industry closer together. At the Budapest conference we noticed some nice new ideas facilitating networking. A slide show presenting first time attendees and volunteers for the event organization was helpful for both – the ND frequenters and newcomers. And so was the list of event attendees. Being equipped with all the information necessary for effective networking, we went to connect with others and witnessed some people connecting in their own unique style.

John Terninko /@EliaOrg/, ELIA Executive Director and @asif_kwint

We all know social media but do we know how to use them to make our conference connections last longer? Anne-Marie Colliander Lind definitely increased the awareness of the usefulness of Twitter for gaining and maintaining business connections. Additionally, her presentation included an interactive Twitter game, which not only explained the Twitter world but also triggered cooperation and networking among the audience.

How do we know Anne-Marie was successful with her arguments? Well, few weeks later we checked the hashtag of other conference being held at that day and realized that never before so many ELIA members participated in the information flow.

Anne-Marie Colliander Lind /@amclind/ of Inkrea.se presenting Networking with a Tweet

Another good idea for facilitating connections was to showcase networking made in a different way. The Networking Through Experience session by Eszter Avar and Gergely Szertics (Analogy Dialogue) introduced the idea of connecting to each other by getting to know each others’ best practices. And all that by sharing stories which “give a first hand experience about how to make best use of the proven practices of themselves”.

Eszter Avar (Management Consultant and Organisational Psychologist) and Arancha Caballero /@aranchcaballero/, ELIA Director, opening the Networking Through Experience session

A quick look at the pictures will show you how enthusiastic the Networking Days attendees welcomed the story telling idea and how it resonated with them.

Vanja and István /@Kilgraymemoq/ sharing their stories

Roman /@ZELENKAcz/ and Raymund /@raymundprins/ sharing their stories

Having experienced ELIA Networking Days Budapest to the full, we highly appreciate Manuele Vecchi’s insightful post on thebigwave.it. Let us post a quote: “And after three inspiring days we returned home with recharged enthusiasm for our industry and work.” Very true for us! The spirit of the Budapest event was also captured visually in the video by Olga Fomenko /@OlgaINTEXT/ of InText. Check it out!

We bet you won’t have any problems now with finding THE SINGLE WORD in the new design of the Networking Days logo:

If you need more hints, let us know.

We would like to thank the organizers and the attendees for another unforgettable conference. We hope to see you in Munich!

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