5 most meaningful tweets from #EliaND Munich

On May 2-4 2013, ELIA Networking Days conference was held in Munich. Even if you hadn’t attended it, there still was a chance to follow the conference stream on Twitter (ELIA uses the same #EliaND hashtag for all the ND conferences). At this point, we would like to thank the tweeting community among ELIA members for their efforts! (In particular @aranchcaballero, @SDL_Andy, @xmaza, @stefangentz and @neil_kwint whose tweets we’ve mentioned here.)

Check out 5 most meaningful tweets according to us.

No. 5

Let’s start with reasons to blog explained by @neil_kwint:

As a company which has been blogging since 2008, we keep in mind that having a static website highlighting content focused on the company only, might result in being likely overlooked. Neil’s list remained us of some good reasons we considered back in 2008 but also gave us some additional ideas for extending our blogging activities. You’ll notice some changes soon. And here’s the home work done by the blogging master: http://www.kwintessential.co.uk/read-our-blog/elia-nd-munich-2013-doing-business-in-germany.html

No. 4

We all need to remember about the order of things: first comes the vision, then the communication. You’ll loose your money by doing the opposite way.

No. 3

Well, this Change Management statistics tells us something important about our companies. We guess it shows that most of the companies are focused on themselves. Only one fourth of them implement changes to catch rivals (i.e. is actively working towards the goal set). Where is your company in this statistics?

No. 2

This shows a tremendous importance of the work which Translators Without Borders provide. Their mission is to increase access to knowledge through charity translations. The organization keeps reminding us that “Access to information is critical” and “Language barriers cost lives.” Join us in helping them by:

No. 1

It turns out that only 10% of top professionals knowledge comes from education. In fact, this is just another indicator showing the dynamics of changes in the modern world. If you consider our company – the majority of our customers operate in IT sector. Our clients are constantly developing and implementing up-to-date solutions. No wonder we learn from them on a daily basis. It works even better when the customer is aware of the importance of knowledge sharing and regularly updates information on changing requirements and company’s strategy with partners and vendors. Just like SAP does on its yearly language forum events. In fact, we’re just preparing for one such forum happening this week.

So, do you agree with our choice of tweets? Let us know!

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