A story of a GALA Members photo at the SAP Language Services Forum

As you might know from our social media channels, we’re at the SAP SLS Language Services Forum 2013. Wratislavia Translation House, as an experienced SAP translation supplier for the language combination from German and English into Polish, and an SAP PartnerEdge Member, participates in this SAP annual event dedicated to knowledge sharing and information updating.

Since many SAP translation suppliers are members of the Globalization & Localization Association, an idea of taking a group photo popped up.

Enjoy a visual story about this photo!

These stairs look like an appropriate place for the photo. Let’s gather here.
It’s just after lunch, so members emerge rather slowly…
…with their afternoon coffee.
But we’re making progress.
Wait! There’s a better idea!
Why don’t we make use of a tennis court?
All right, so here we go!
We should have packed tennis shoes.
This is the right place!
So let’s prepare.
But where’s the photographer?
Oh yes, there he is.
This story will not be complete without the final GALA members picture. We’re very much looking forward to receiving it!

Post update, May 22nd, 2013

Many thanks to Kim Harris of Text&Form for completing this story by sharing the final photo with us. Here’s the link to the source.
GALA Members at the SAP Language Services Forum 2013
If you ask a question who won the match, Serge Gladkoff has got an answer: The house always wins.

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