Top 5 tweets from #galaconf 2014 in Istanbul

Last week the annual conference of the Globalization and Localization Association was held in Istanbul. Since 2008 Wratislavia Translation House has been a proud member of this fast growing Association and therefore we’re always very interested in all the undertakings of the organization. This time we’ve been following the GALA 2014 Istanbul Conference from our office using social media channels available so we owe a big thank you to all the Twitterers providing such a massive Twitter stream from the conference!

Here are the top 5 tweets from #galaconf in our opinion:

No. 5

In which direction is the internet developing? Here is the answer. Make sure you prepare yourself for this change.

No. 4 ex aequo

Two very important tweets providing the links to the content delivered during presentations at the conference. Since there’s no live streaming from translation and localization industry events (with one exception we’ve noticed so far – memoQfest by Kilgray) it’s great to see that some presenters find it important to share their thoughts with a broader audience on the internet. Thank you for that!

No. 3

Of course, our company makes efforts to keep up with the tools available for our industry. However, we have noticed that although this technology makes our work more productive (in most cases), it also limits the translator’s creativity and forces the use of a very limited vocabulary. Our company, as a single language vendor, cooperates with very well educated translators aware of a beauty and diversity of the Polish language and capable of exploring the nuances of a rich vocabulary available. Therefore, we’re very glad to see that this issue is not only our concern. It’s quite a limitation noticed by other fellow companies (just look at the number of retweets – 10!).

No. 2

We’ve been frequently asked about the advantages of maintaining a company’s blog and social media channels. People usually want to know how many prospects we’ve found through these channels? Is it worth maintaining social media presence at all? It’s really hard to provide the figures, but our goal is to maintain both visibility and credibility, so it’s great to see such a high usage of social media among B2B Small Business Marketers. A good proof of concept.

  • Social Media - Other than Blogs – 88%
  • Articles on Your Website – 82%
  • eNewsletters – 82%
  • Blogs – 77%
  • Videos – 76%
  • Case Studies – 75%

No. 1

You may have heard that this year’s GALA Istanbul conference was held at the time of the Twitter ban in Turkey. A creative approach was needed to overcome the obstacles and make the Twitter stream possible. We think the whole industry should be very grateful for having @amclind among us!

What have you learnt from the #galaconf tweets? Or maybe we’ve missed something very important? Let us know in the comments.

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