TextPartner on a road again. This time it’s the Baltic Loop!

Our friends from TextPartner are just unbeatable in riding bikes and supporting Translators Without Borders‘ Fund-A-Translator Program! And they somehow manage to connect their rides with ELIA Networking Days in various countries.

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Having succeeded the 4-days and 388 km bike ride from Katowice to ELIA Networking Days in Budapest in 2012 (we wrote about it on our blog) and another 589 km bike trip across 5 countries in 2013 (another blog post here), they are now on their biggest challenge ever riding the Baltic Loop with 2,300 km to travel (with a stop at the ELIA Networking Days 2014 in Riga, of course).

The Baltic Loop

What’s the trigger behind these amazing actions? Our Polish friends from TextPartner: Ewa, Marek & Lucjan explain:

Translation saves lives!
And we are on our bikes to help save more!

There are thousands of NGOs all over the world bringing help to those who are less able to help themselves. In some regions of Africa, for example, NGOs realize their mission by providing information which helps protect people’s health. But no information can be truly meaningful if it is conveyed in an unknown language. In order to make it a lifesaver, the information must be translated into a local language. This is where the role of a translator becomes so important.

Translation saves lives! And we’re on our bikes to help save more!

Nicest family

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According to the study The Need for Translation in Africa conducted in 2011 by Common Sense Advisory, Africa obtained only about a quarter of 1% of the world’s total translation revenue.

Translation can address information disparities in Africa. Translators overwhelmingly agreed that greater access to information in local languages would improve the overall quality of life, enhance individuals’ understanding of their legal rights, prevent conflicts, improve health, and even prevent the loss of life.

Need for translation in Africa
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Translators Without Borders have set up a translation training center in Kenya where they train volunteer translators. It costs about 1,000 USD to provide training & equipment for a translator for a period of one year. Ewa, Marek & Lucjan of TextPartner are already on their bikes on the Baltic Loop, riding for the cause and collecting money for this program. They’re supported by numerous translators from translation & localization companies from the region. Having started on April 18th, they’ll finish the ride on May 3rd, 2014.

We would like to encourage you to support this charity initiative by:

  • spreading a word (#onourbikes #BikingMngt @textpartner @TranslatorsWB #EliaND #t9n #l10n #charity #MTB)
  • donating kilometers
  • To make a donation or check the progress bar, visit: http://onourbikes.info/

    Support the good cause! Support the ride!

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