5 top tweets from #eliand 2014 in Riga

ELIA Networking Days in Riga organized by the European Language Industry Association have just come to an end. Being huge fans of social media and proactive communication, we would not have missed the opportunity to interact with the translation & localization community gathered in Riga, including our extraordinary ELIA friends. Some conference attendees (including @SimonBratina, @spkon64, @manuelevecchi, @textpartner, @Lapinsch, @AstaDiskusija, @GiselaKooistra, @IOLAR_lsp, @amclind, @aranchcaballero, @neil_kwint, @ceciliaenback, @renatobeninatto, @yildizgoren & @razvancost) shared their Networking Days experience on Twitter. So, to our delight, apart from numerous interactions, we also had a possibility to learn from the real time updates published.

Traditionally, we have summarized the most important tweets from the conference according to Wratislavia Translation House. Enjoy the 5 top tweets from #eliand!

No. 5

How to make European citizens realize how much we’re all paying for the EU translation into 24 official languages? The amounts we hear here and there are huge and seem abstract. Taking it down into the amount spent per citizen is a good approach. Now comes the question – is it a good value for the money spent?

No. 4

How to handle Client complaints was one of the hot topics at this year’s ELIA Networking Days. Great to see various topics for deep discussion appearing besides the evergreen ones (MT & Co.). The practical advice is something everyone can implement at a go. This tweet reminds about a very important thing in the company’s communication – the attitude towards Clients.

No. 3

Talking about the company’s communication – this is a very good point made by @RichardMBrooks. Our companies help our Clients communicate and at the same time often don’t have a clue about how to properly communicate with the outside world. When we look at advertising in our industry – and advertising is a form of a marketing communication – we see that a lot has to be done (we wrote about it earlier in our blog post Why is marketing in our industry terrible?). This topic pops up over and over again and it’s definitely worth a deeper thought.

No. 2 ex aequo

Another great take-away from the Networking Days, this time from the man who delivers numerous pieces of good advice for any industry-related topic – the agent provocateur Renato Beninatto.

Tired of answering questions about your quality assurance? Look at it from a different perspective – your Client’s/Prospect’s perspective. Knowing exactly what the question is really about allows you to better communicate (yes, communication once again!) your competitive advantages. It does put a new dimension on the topic.

No. 1

A very good advice making all of us realize what our companies actually do and why. In our day to day translation work we might often focus on details and tend to forget about the big picture, so it’s good to be reminded about it from time to time. The presentation entitled “Who needs clients?” delivered by Joaquim Alves of JABA-Translations would actually deserve a separate blog post (considering numerous valuable tweets published by the audience).

We would like to thank all the tweeterers from the ELIA ND in Riga. We hope you had a great and productive time at the conference. Maybe next time we’ll be able to participate in the conference Twitter stream.

Have you been following the #eliand tweets? What are your favorite ones?

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