SAP Language Services Forum 2014

As announced before the SAP Language Services Forum 2014, this yearly event (previously called SAP Partner Forum), organized for the community of SAP translation vendors, was traditionally attended by the ambassadors of Wratislavia Translation House.

This year’s Forum was all about becoming ONE. It offers endless possibilities of interpretation – a group strength, No. 1, fast as Formula 1… – yet all of them assume uniting forces for even better results. A very good message indeed!

Just like in previous years, the Forum provided the perfect opportunity to integrate with the translation and localization community around the SAP systems, applications and solutions.

Numerous presentations provided a new insight and a lot of food for thought. The vivid community of SAP translation vendors added additional points of view to many aspects – this is how innovations are often born.

The informational part of the Forum consisted of presentations and workshops. The social part provided many possibilities for endless conversations. Not to mention a highlight of the evening – the one and only band performing a Translator’s Song!

We returned home with our heads full of new inspirations and knowledge gained from both – our Customer and the SAP translation community. A day before the Forum we had participated in another very important and fruitful event –  the SAP PartnerEdge Roundtable 2014 – a discussion forum for the SAP Language Service Partners, members of a renowned SAP PartnerEdge Program.

Our close collaboration with SAP enables us to offer SAP translation services in accordance with the state-of-the-art knowledge and market standards.

We would like to thank both the organizers from SAP AG and the superb SAP translation community for making this year’s Forum another memorable event filled with interesting content and great social evenings. See you all next year!


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Wratislavia Translation House, the SAP Language Service Partner, is a Wrocław/Poland-based professional translation agency specializing in the delivery of complex translation projects – mainly in the field of business, economy, IT and SAP systems.

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