5 Top Tweets from #locworld 2014 in Dublin

Another edition of the Localization World conference has passed. This time, representatives of the translation and localization industry gathered in Dublin to discuss disruptive innovation and many other industry topics of concern.

Following the conference from afar, we gladly welcomed a very interesting Twitter stream generated by these main contributors: @localization @alisontoon @jeff_kiser_1 @AnjaJones @MarketingBuddy @amclind @Cooper_42 @jwelde @LinguaGreca @ciklopea @diegobartolome @cynthiaspiers @kevin_irl @rahelab @GrainneMaycock @AnneMaj_TAUS @iljich @scottabel @ContentWrangler @KantanMT @ilbarbaro @Saudisoft @VistaTECglobal @michael_kriz @SimonBratina @andrepellet_mpg @susannevaisanen @Across_Systems @philinthecloud @quanza @pschesi.

A special thank you to all of you for sharing what was happening with the rest of the world. And speaking about disruptive innovation, isn’t it time to move forward to provide some live streaming?

If you would like to find out at a glance what the buzz at the conference was, here is our selection of 5 Top Tweets.

No. 5

Congratulations for this great achievement! The figures look impressive. Localization World was newly described in the Adam Blau’s post on How to Pick the Right Localization Conference to Maximize Sales Results in the following way:

Localization World is a mainstay on the conference calendar (…). Like other large conferences, it has a broad focus and attracts a wide range of localization players. Why? Because its content is so varied.

All correct. If you haven’t attended it yet, maybe it’s about time to consider it.

No. 4

We like strange comparisons since they tend to open your mind for a different view. And this one seems to make a lot of sense. Just try to imagine that you’re operating an airline. Never done before? Great! All you need to do to keep your Clients happy is to deliver in full and on time. All the time. Isn’t that what we’re already doing? Maybe it’s about time to fine-tune our communication to the market?

No. 3

Another clever voice adding to the discussion whether social media presence makes sense even if it’s not easy to measure its direct impact on our business. As we previously stated in our blog post (with a nice proof of concept included – check out No. 2), our company’s goal of maintaining social media presence is to achieve both: visibility and credibility. This being said we’ll keep calm and do what we have to do.

No. 2

A great example showcasing the informational potential of social media. What we heard at the SAP Language Services Forum 2014 (just a few weeks ago) is now spread around the industry. As an SAP Language Service Partner we’re looking forward to taking part in this future-oriented process.

No. 1

This year’s keynote presentation seemed to be a very surprising and powerful one (What else would you expect from the ‘Everything we know is wrong’ title?). Magnus Lindkvist (@Trendymagnus) delivered many shocking (and Twitter-friendly) thoughts about the future. We chose this one for its huge impact on any professional services industry (including our translation and localization industry). So, will we be able then to consider any service a professional one at all? How will the perception of the professionalism change over time? There are many interesting questions arising from this statement. Interesting times are coming. For more insight on this performance written down by a conference attendee read a fantastic blog post by Alison Toon (@alisontoon).

Check out some additional content published by the community after the conference:

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  • Have you been attending or following the conference? What would be the top tweet of your choice?

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