Business translation

Business translation


Translations for business are the main type of translations prepared by our agency. Our translators have a long experience in providing translation services for companies and a profound knowledge of our clients’ needs and expectations. Our large team of experienced translators enables us to carry out big translation projects in this area. We focus on European languages, particularly English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Hungarian, Czech, and Dutch.

We can offer you:

Translation of business documents

  • requests for proposal
  • proposals
  • contracts
  • documentation on implementation projects and software upgrades
  • end user guides
  • training courses
  • presentations
  • e-learning materials
  • financial analyses
  • financial statements
  • business plans
  • sales scripts
  • business correspondence
  • accounting documents

Translations for the real estate industry

  • IT systems for real estate management
  • descriptions of solutions
  • marketing materials, brochures, leaflets
  • texts for websites relating to real estate management
  • conference-related materials

Translations for the human resources industry

  • IT systems for human resources management
  • descriptions of solutions for human resources management
  • training courses in human resources management
  • surveys, forms, scripts
  • marketing materials, brochures, leaflets
  • texts for websites relating to human resources management
  • presentations regarding human resources management
  • conference-related materials
  • internal personnel documentation

Specific features of business translation

Time plays a key role in the translation of business documents. Although translations of this kind must be often prepared within a short time, we always maintain professional and quality standards. The translation of business documents can be done only using specialized translation software. This ensures the translation consistency and enables working with many files simultaneously.

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