Legal translation

Legal translation


Legal documents are written with a hermetic language. Therefore, their translation can be done best by certified (sworn) translators. Our agency cooperates with experienced certified translators who have a profound knowledge of legal terms and issues.

We can offer you:

Translation of legal documents

  • contracts
  • licenses
  • official documents
  • company documents

Translation of business documents

  • proposals
  • requests for proposal
  • financial analyses
  • financial reports
  • business plans
  • sales scripts
  • business correspondence
  • accounting documents

Specific features of legal translation

Due to a specific language of legal texts, our translators have an experience and knowledge of the Polish and international law as well as a translation theory gained during their linguistic studies.

Translation languages

Since the English language is the most popular business language and due to the fact that most of our clients are German companies or companies operating on the German market, we provide legal translations mainly from German and English into Polish, and from Polish into English and German.

Please contact us if you are interested in this service.