Medical translation

Medical translation


Our agency has a long experience in providing medical translations for both pharmaceutical companies, medical publishing houses and medical equipment manufacturers. Our agency has also prepared the translation of software used in the medical industry – both for patient management and for improving operation of medical institutions. We have also delivered several terminology projects involving the localization of a specialized vocabulary into the Polish language.

For our clients, we provide:

Translation of medical software

  • for patient management
  • for medical institution management
  • medicine and biomedical research databases

Translation of additional materials, e.g.

  • medicine leaflets
  • medicine-related articles
  • medicine-related Websites
  • informational materials for doctors and patients
  • medicine-related press releases and marketing materials

Translation of operation manuals of

  • medical equipment

Specific features of medical translation

The process of translating medical texts is facilitated by specialized translation software, which ensures the translation consistency and enables working with many files simultaneously.

Medical translations are checked for quality pursuant to the quality policy applied in our agency. Our reviewers include medical doctors and translators with a long experience in this industry.

Translation languages

Due to the specific nature of this industry, medical translations are done mainly from the English language. Our team has a long experience in translating medical texts into Polish.

We can also offer you medical translations from other European languages, e.g. German.

Please contact us if you are interested in this service.