Translation and supplementary services


We are pleased to offer you comprehensive services – starting from specialized and general translations up to DTP services (preparation of translated materials for printing or publishing). They include also translation project management. Therefore, if you wish, we can prepare translated documents in their original form, regardless of the format of the files provided to us.

Translation services – general and specialized

A standard translation process comprises 3 stages and involves 3 different linguists. As a result, we guarantee the highest quality of services.

Specialized SAP translation

The professional translation of SAP systems requires both knowledge and experience. Our team meets these two requirements since it has participated in the long-term process of localization of SAP systems in Poland – from translating the SAP R/3 system through SAP NetWeaver platform products and industry-specific solutions up to SAP Business One, a software for small and midsize companies.

Graphic services

Our offer includes services in the field of DTP and graphic preparation of documents. Therefore, if you wish, we can prepare final materials ready for printing in a printing house or publishing on websites.