SAP translation

SAP translation


Who is this service offered to?

If your company updates the ERP software by SAP or extends its scope, we can help you translate both the system and user trainings and guides. Our expertise and experience in translating SAP systems are at your disposal.

Translation of SAP systems

Our knowledge of the SAP translation environment enables us to offer you the translation of systems without the need of exporting their contents into other applications or tools. The translation can be done directly in the system. If you wish, we can also prepare the translation of exported files with system contents. For purposes of translating files outside the system environment, we use advanced translation tools that ensure the consistency of the terminology.

Translation of supplementary materials for SAP systems

SAP systems and solutions are accompanied by various materials – from documentation and materials for users through training materials prepared for training courses conducted in classrooms and using state-of-the-art technologies (e-learning), up to detailed descriptions of functionalities and presentations. While translating them, it is necessary to maintain the consistency with the translation of a specific system and to properly apply the SAP terminology. The long-term engagement in the process of localization of SAP systems into the Polish language has prepared our team expertly for such tasks.

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Our agency is a SAP Language Service Partner and has the longest experience in translating specialist SAP systems and related materials on the Polish market.